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Arbonne Online Shopping System

Your Arbonne Web Site will contain a link that will take visitors into the Arbonne Online Shopping System allowing them to shop for Arbonne products online. This link allows users to shop on the Arbonne Online Shopping System through your Web Site, while maintaining your Web Sites "frame" to give the appearance that they are actually shopping on your personal Web Site.

Existing clients that you have already established will be required to log in with their client ID in order to make purchases online. New clients who have never purchased will be required to register online in order to be able to buy products online. Both the login and registration process will be presented to a user whenever they try to purchase a product by clicking on the "Order Now" button. You will automatically get credit for your existing clients or new clients who register and or purchase products online if they have come through your Web Site. Your existing clients are automatically tied to your consultant ID in order for you to get credit for their purchases. When new clients go through your Web Site and register on the Arbonne Online Shopping System, your consultant ID is automatically assigned as the referral ID for that new client, hence assigning the client to you and giving you credit for that client's purchases from that point on.

Any questions, issues, or problems relating to the Arbonne Online Shopping System must be directed to Arbonne International, Inc. Arbonne runs and maintains the Arbonne Online Shopping System and InetHostCo only provides a pass through link to that system. Please call Arbonne Customer Service if you have questions or need additional information about the Arbonne Online Shopping System.

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